i can...

...plan brain-friendly learning

Has your training been left for dead? Don't give up now. We have the technology. We can rebuild it! 

  • doing = learning
  • laughing = remembering
  • surprises = engagement
  • interaction = retention
  • LOVE = LOVE    YEP! I said it. 

LOVE. It belongs in your trainings, in your workplace, and in your life. Create learning the way you do a surprise party for someone you love. Throw open the doors and watch what happens. 

...make really cool things

  • original art

  • video

  • voice overs

  • in-class technology

  • games

  • curios

  • manipulatives

  • behavior tweakers

  • simulations

  • animations

  • books

  • blogs

  • interactives

  • FUN tests. Yes, really. 

...encourage courage

Trepidation is a normal, natural response when facing the gaping maw of the unknown. But when it comes to learning, the unknown is the whole point. Hang out with me and you'll feel exhilerated, not anxious, as we push the edge to follow where ReaLearning goes. 

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