who am I...

... to put up a web site, and what can I do for you?


I am a learning advocate, artist and writer. I've done many different jobs and had some very interesting experiences. I'm really not sure what I can do for you because I don't know you. That's the point of this web site. I figure if I make what I can contribute visible, and help people find it, you will tell me what I can do for you.


So nose around and see if there is anything I do that you don't, but would like to be able to. I can either teach you how to do it or do it for you.


Obviously I have to pay rent and buy groceries like everyone else, so I charge for my hard earned skills. Still, sometimes a project or idea is so intriguing that I can slide my fees around or work out a trade. I especially love to help educational organizations that are not-for-profit.

...to advise you about learning?


Well, there is my experience. From experience I confidently assure you anyone can learn and we are all learning all the time. I also assert that most contrived learning, classes and trainings and lectures, are successful at about a 50% rate. The learner walks away knowing some new information or technique but missing the process that will take her the rest of the way to owning the content and applying it for her own uses, or inventing the next iteration of it.


I can help you figure out how to make your contrived learning 80% or more successful. I can also help you provide your learners with the process to finish their learning.  




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